Unofficial Taylor Swift Trivia Slumber Party Quiz Game Super Pack Volumes 1-4: Who is the Ultimate Fan? (Celebrity Trivia Quiz Super Pack 1)

Price: $9.99

Super Pack with 200 questions from Volumes 1-4 to Test your Taylor Swift IQ with your friends at your next Slumber Party…One of you is surely the Ultimate Taylor Swift Fan who knows the answers to all 50 questions in each volume, 10 questions per Round. Is it you? Have a blast in all 5 Rounds, showing them all you’re the best, laughing all the way… Find out if you’re a true Swiftie or not! You’ll want to collect all 4 volumes of this freaking awesome party game. Time will fly as you try your luck proving yourself the best at Taylor Swift Trivia. The ultimate in fun, can even be played in the car on trips for the fastest journey ever!


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