Taylor Swift: Why She is a Good Role Model


A lot of teens are influenced by celebrities, but is the influence they are getting good or bad?

Well, that all depends on who their celebrity Idol is.

Taylor Swift has been able to stand strong and be the same person she was when she started out: as a sweet, loving teenager, always thinking before acting.

How is that not a good role model?

If you take a look at Taylor’s body of work, none of it is provocative or suggestive like many of her fellow celebrities.

Taylor Swift is always dressed very wholesome and classy and still always looks incredible!

She shows young girls that you don’t have to be trashy to get attention.

Also, the lyrics in her music talk about problems that young girls face growing up.

The song “Fifteen” talks about pressures girls face with young men and relationships and is a good, wholesome song while still talking about the issues.

She represents that it’s okay to wait and if someone doesn’t want to wait for you, move on.

You will see 87 reasons why Taylor Swift is a good role model, and in these times, we certainly need one!


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