Taylor Swift: A Chronicle of Hit Songs and The People Who May Have Inspired Them


Discover Amazing stories and secrets behind the lyrics of Singing Sensation Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift is the teenage sweetheart of America and fast becoming one of the world most charming pop stars. But what makes her so inspiring and her songs so popular?

The answer is her realness and the emotions in her music. Taylor is famous for her autobiographical lyrics, with songs that comes straight from the heart. Its a heart that truly known loss, sadness, happiness, teenage crushes, dreams, hope, anger, suffering, and despair….

By singing about her real experiences and opening her real emotions, Taylor connects with her fans and resonates with Swifties everywhere.

In this witty and entertaining read, we compile her best hit songs, and what persons in her life may have inspired them.


•Which high school crush inspired Teardrops on My Guitar?
•What’s the top charting song and the biggest feud behind it all?
•What was her happiest, saddest, angriest songs, and which experiences may have inspired them?
•Who allegedly broke up with her in 27 seconds and inspired a song?
•Which Hollywood hottie may have inspired Back to December?
•Funny stories


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