Rockabye Baby Good Picture Book

Listed Price: $16.98
Sale Price: $14.99

Limited CD + Book. For our first ever mini picture book with music, we picked a playful mix of songs and illustrations that sum up life with a little rocker – always good, sometimes bad. Contains excl… Read more…

Rockabye Baby! Good Day, Goodnight: The 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

Two CD collection released to coincide with the fifth Anniversary of the Rockabye Baby series. To celebrate our anniversary, we transformed 24 rock gems into beautiful instrumental lullabies. This se…


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Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of The Cure

Lullaby. A whisper. The Cure’s music is just like heaven to their fans. Beautiful, infinite and captivating, The Cure’s best work captures a dreamy sense of love and longing. This album is a mesme…


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