Meghan Trainor Pulls Her “Me Too” Music Video After Photoshop Scandal

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Meghan Trainor took down her newest music video “Me Too” after unauthorized photoshopping of her body!
Meghan Trainor is all about that bass…you can’t photoshop her booty and waist…are you guys crazy?!

Whats the problem with the entertainment world…if you’re not a 0 or a size 2 they want to trim inches off of you. Big props to Mrs. Trainor for standing up for herself! Not even a full day after its premiere, Meghan deleted the music video for her latest single Me Too from her youtube account! Meghan took to her snapchat account to fill us…
and if you saw the video before it was taken down the photo shop job was super obvious. I think the editors were confused and got her mixed up with Jessica Rabbit. Only fictional character have a waist lines like that!

She did say that she told the parties responsible for the video — presumably her label, Epic Records, and the video’s production team — to fix it immediately!

Photoshopping aside Meghan was really happy about the video saying ”The video is still one of my favorite videos I’ve ever done, I’m very proud of it. I’m just pissed off they broke my ribs, you know?”

ahh gotta love her sense of humor.

Well now we know she’s not all about that photoshop! This song is all about SelfLove, Feeling Confident, living a Blessed Life and Self esteem taking the Photoshop hatchet to Trainor’s waist is just flat out insulting. Do you agree let me know your thoughts in the comments below or hit me up at Jackie Iadonisi on all the socials…after that you can click right here to check out more celebs who slammed body shammers! #unite Thats all for now friends go out and be you and don’t let anyone tell you different! I’m Jackie Iadonisi ill see you soon!

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