Meghan Trainor – No (Yes) Parody Monster High pg 13

A monster high stop motion
Parody Lyrics:
And I think its so cute
And I think its so sweet
How you think that I’m the kind of girl
Who likes flowers and diamond rings
But what I really need
Is you down on your Knees….

My Name is Yes
My sign is Yes
My number is NO
Cause I don’t want no stress
Just want you to undress
Ooh baby boy you blessed
Y to the E to the S E X (repeat)

First I gotta say
I don’t want a Bae
I don’t need a man to save the day
What I’m looking for is a little fling
So baby won’t you come be my plaything
Cause when I had a Boo
He was, actin a fool
And I don’t want to go that route again
I’m independent
I be like Y to the E to the S E X

If you don’t want a relationship
But you still wanna ride his ____
Don’t be shy just grab that guy
Girl all you gotta say is!


I said I don’t love ya boy don’t love ya boy
Just be my toy just be my toy


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