Letters Justin Bieber Signed Illuminati

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This edition of the Illuminati Letters Series, “Letters to Jay-Z, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, & Drake, Signed The Illuminati,” contains letters to a few musical artists and entertainers who either… Read more…

Hip Hop Illuminati Book 2: Hip Hop’s Role in the New World Order

In my first book, Hip Hop Illuminati, I told you how and why the Illuminati took over Hip-Hop. In this book, I will show you how the game is, once again, evolving. But more importantly I will show y…


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Hip Hop Illuminati: How and Why the Illuminati Took Over Hip Hop (Volume 1)

Ever wonder how someone can go to sleep in public housing and wake up in a mansion seemingly overnight? Having worked 25 years in the Hip-Hop music industry and witnessed firsthand the inner workings …


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