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Relax Become Stress Free Colour

Listed Price: $5.99 10 Music Super Stars to Colour! Each colouring page is designed to help relax and inspire. The variety of pages ensure something for every skill level. Use your choice of colouring...


Eminem Stories Behind Every Song

Sale Price: $24.99 Emerging from a poor, stereotypically white-trash childhood in Detroit, this vengeful hip-hop devotee soon turned his anger into an art form and shot to global notoriety. Eminem has written two multi-…...


Eminem (Superstars of Hip-Hop)

Listed Price: $19.95 In this series, engaging and often inspiring biographies of rapper and hip-hop celebrities are combined with full-colour photographs of the personalities at different stages of their lives…. Read more…


Eminem Double Producer Songwriter Storage

Listed Price: $52.69 Sale Price: $10.56 Versatile And Reliable, Bring It Anywhere As Your “all-around” Or “just-in-case” Bag.Fold It Inside Your Carry Bag And Be Prepared For Anything. May It Be As Your Gym...


Thats So 90s Pop Fill

Listed Price: $12.99 Join Britney Spears in a maze searching for the necklace she once thought the old lady dropped into the ocean. Join Mandy Moore for a Candy-fuelled adventure in her green VW...


Trying to Be a Person

Listed Price: $12.00 What strikes me most about the poems in Trying to Be a Person is how they’ve found their place in the family of American poetry. Descendants of Dickinson and Whitman—the grandparents...


Eminem (People in the News)

Listed Price: $39.40 This contemporary biography series profiles the lives of some of today’s most prominent newsmakers; whether covering contributions and achievements or notorious deeds, books in this series examine why… Read more…


Slim Shady Lp

Listed Price: $37.98 Sale Price: $10.97 CD ALBUM… Read more… The Way I Am Chart topping-and headline-making-rap artist Eminem shares his private reflections, drawings, handwritten lyrics, and photographs in his New York Times bestseller...


White Noise Collection Hilton Als

Sale Price: $31.11 Grammy-winning Eminem (Marshall Mathers) is the first white crossover star of the hip-hop generation and it is a crossover notable for the absence of the resentment (but more of the controversy)...



Listed Price: $30.99 Nevermind… Read more… Eminem is Back Eminem is Back… $43.49$43.49 Buy Here Imp-Setback Imp-Setback… $16.49$39.33 Buy Here


My Skin Eminem Graphic

Listed Price: $19.95 An exciting graphic novel from the creative team behind the groundbreaking Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic, published by Omnibus Press in 2003. From the Government housing slums in Detroit to the...