BrushBuddies Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush

Listed Price: $8.99

Soft DuPont bristles, ergonomic design cleans plaque in hard to reach places. Soft rubber coating to give you a comfortable brushing experience. Replaceable brush head, dentists recommend you replace … Read more…

Brush Buddies 8-52060-00340-4 Justin Bieber BoyFriend Singing Toothbrush

Justin Bieber singing toothbrush, featuring boy friend. Justin Bieber singing toothbrush features soft dupont bristles toothbrush….


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Brush Buddies 8-52060-00328-2 LMFAO Sexy And I Know It and Party Rock Anthem Singing Toothbrush

LMFAO singing toothbrush, featuring sexy and i know it and party rock anthem. LMFAO singing toothbrush features soft dupont bristles toothbrush features include a replaceable toothbrush head and batte…


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