Adele – Hello

+ Spotify!!!
snapchat- sazclose

i got so many requests to do this song i kinda figured there was no way i couldn’t do it so HELLO

Happy Halloween happy first of November!


TOP: basic shirt from H&M


– Age?
– Where are you from?
The Isle of Wight, UK
-Where do you live now?
– What is your headphone for?
So that I can hear the piano when I play, everything is recorded live. The mic picks up my voice(and my fingers on the keys), the keyboard goes into my laptop. I need the headphones to hear the keyboard.
– What do you record with?
M-Audio Nova mic, M-Audio Pre Amp going into Logic Pro X- I use a MIDI keyboard with the Steinway Grand Piano plug in on Logic.
– What camera do you use?
Canon 650D with 15-85mm lens

Business enquiries only: info@sarahclose(dot)


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